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Creating Corporate Identity

Creating corporate identity
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Corporate identity is a vital and dynamic concept that takes many forms. From the brand & logo to the product & the company’s reputation. One of the key factors to a successful business presence hinges on efficient management of corporate identity.

Creating a corporate identity can be identified as the activation of your corporate magnetic forces. These forces will determine your company’s identity within the market. And attract clients based on the exhibited reflection of the magnetic corporate traits.

Indeed, expressing corporate identity is a dynamic process (Gioia, Schultz and Corley, 2000), evolving as the organizational context changes & requires active management through the use of an appropriate model.

The quest for investigating the corporate identity context has been of increasing concern for researchers, managers, professionals, and entrepreneurs who regard identity formation as critical to corporate success.

Course Objectives

This course will help you create and enhance your corporate identity to increase your business visibility, acquire a good reputation and sell your brands more easily in the market. Corporate identity as we already mention is a dynamic process, evolving as the organizational context changes and requires active management through the use of many strategic tools.

Developing and managing corporate identity though is not a mechanical process, but rather a continuous, synergistic and non-linear set of activities.

There are several ways how to manage corporate identity to create a positive image of your company.

This course will introduce to you the six-station corporate identity model, which will assist you to manage your corporate identity effectively and increase the contribution of your company’s brands.

Course Description

This course will introduce audits, questionnaires and qualitative schemes for investigating an organization’s corporate identity under the umbrella of the newly introduced corporate identity model (6Station CIM). The six-station corporate identity model will assist you in exhibiting company’s personality, which consequently will improve and solidify corporate image and increase your company’s profitability in any aspect.

You will learn

  • A holistic approach to how to build your corporate identity
  • How to create compelling mission, vision, and values for your company & brands
  • How to select a leadership pattern to run your organization efficiently
  • How to use your top management to achieve your company’s objectives
  • How to align marketing corporate strategy and brands for the benefit of your company
  • How to incorporate corporate visual identity systems to increase your company’s visibility
  • How to effectively use external, digital and internal communication
  • How to deal with a company’s group dynamics, company’s staff and external and internal stakeholders
  • How to create a corporate personality, reputation, and image

This course will provide you with the following Content

Participants will be acquainted with the six-station corporate identity model, and you will learn how to use it to manage your company’s identity effectively.

It is known that in any concept the existence of different variables plays a significant role in managing and executing a model.

The area of corporate identity involves interaction among many variables. For this reason, defining the elements of the corporate identity model, which will be used to manage your corporate identity, should fit the corporate identity context that is quite complex due to its multidisciplinary nature.

Indeed, developing and managing corporate identity is not a mechanical process, but rather a continuous, synergistic and a sequential set of executed activities.

This is portrayed in the six-station model, which depicts the management of corporate identity as a circular process, designating sequential synergies and effects produced within each station – stages.  The model is composed of six stations (you can call them stages as well) and binds the sequential events produced at each station.

The components of the six-station corporate identity model are

  1. The Head Station, which encompasses Mission – Vision – Values, Leadership, and Top Management.
  2. The Strategy Station, which consists of Corporate Brands, Strategy, and Marketing.
  3. The Creativity Station, which encompasses Visual Symbolism and Corporate Visual Identity Systems.
  4. The Communication Station, which consists of Traditional and Digital Communication.
  5. The Human Power Station, which includes employees (staff) and stakeholders.
  6. The Critical Triplet Station, which includes aspects of Corporate Reputation, Corporate Image, and Corporate Personality.

The model will teach you how to conduct a series of audits and the processes needed to manage your corporate identity via the following tools.

How to proceed with an MV2 Audit & Analysis

How to draft and execute a – C-sitan Analysis

How to create and use a CorpSeg Audit and analysis

How to evaluate a Corporate Strategy via CIS Audit along with analysis of company’s brands

How to proceed with E2VA analysis (exoteric and esoteric visual audits) focused on Corporate Symbolism

How to proceed with a “PIR audit,” focusing on the evaluation of company’s corporate reputation, personality, and image.  Stakeholders’ analysis will be included.

All findings will be accumulated and triangulated together to construct the integrated corporate SWOT matrix (CorpSWOTmatrix). This matrix will include all findings derived from the audits conducted in the six stages of revealing corporate identity.

Suitable for

  • Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business executive
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