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Creating Powerful Brands & Brand Equity

Creating powerful brands and brand equity
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Exploring the role which brands can play in the growth of the company along with the concept & importance of brand equity is one of the most fundamental strategic tasks. And it concerns every company, professional, business manager & entrepreneur.

Building & sustaining valuable brands is a synthesis of scientific knowledge, artistic inclination, and managerial charisma.

Course Objectives

This course will explore the role of brands and clarify the nature of brands as a mean of growth and profitability.
Building & sustaining valuable brands will set the foundation of a competitive advantage for the company. It will simultaneously generate a continuous flow of revenues.

The course will introduce the sequential steps necessary to build powerful brands. Every stage of the building process will be explored. By the end of this course, all participants will be able to adopt a more integrated approach to brand building.

Successfully managing brands constitute a challenge. Different thinking is needed to manage the tangibles & intangible assets of the brand & to exploit its full potential.

Course Description

Here is what you are going to learn:

  • The role of brands within the entrepreneurial spectrum
  • How to structure a brand – considering product/service attributes and characteristics
  • Inventing the brand promise
  • Synthesizing the promise to identify strengths and gaps in its enactment
  • How to evaluate a brand’s promise – strengths
  • How to initiate the strategic process to build and sustain valuable brands.
  • How to create a brand vision
  • How to set concrete brand objectives
  • How to develop an organizational culture aligned with your brands
  • How to keep staff focused on brand objectives through catalytic monitoring process
  • How to use brand resources appropriately
  • How to identify the optimal mix of resources to enact the strategic essence
  • How brand architecture can increase brand effectiveness
  • How brand essence will create competitive advantage
  • How brand equity will create value for your brand
  • How to set effective brand strategies
  • How to manage brands on a daily basis
  • How brand evaluation will improve your brand
  • How to use brand metrics

This course will provide valuable knowledge, and it will introduce

A holistic approach to creating a brand

Identify the factors and processes associated with a successful brand building.

Designate the components of the brand and their impact on every individual component of the brand.

Introduce the tangible and intangible nature of brands and show why both contribute to brand success.

Reveal the frameworks, which will create or revitalize brands

Introduce frameworks which will show ways of adding value to brands in both product and services sectors.

Designate internal processes affiliated with brands that engender commitment and encourage excellent brand support

Introduce all types of brand assets and the necessity to align them with brand’s strategies

Show how valuable brands go beyond competing with other products or services in the market.

Identify Strategies for more effective brand differentiation.

Align Brands with stakeholders’ expectations,

Orient managers to develop strategies, which will contribute to the wealth of their brands.

Instruct managers to develop effective strategies, which will boost brands’ performance.

Introduce new ways to focus on brand experience that can generate increased returns.

Help managers appreciate how brands can out run competition without using extravagant budgets

Provide a holistic approach to brand assessment

Suitable for

  • Managers
  • Entrepreneurs and business executives of all levels
  • Students as well
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