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Making Marketing Applicable

Making marketing applicable
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Marketing is not solely a business activity.

It has a far broader demographic, social, cultural, economic, technical, international & global dimension. Any interpersonal or inter-organizational relationship involving an exchange is considered marketing.

Marketing focuses on what is being exchanged. What activities are designed to facilitate that exchange & what the target market is.

Marketing is the creation & delivery of what consumers want. Planning & developing a product/brand service which will meet people’s wants. And determining the best way to price, promote & distribute that product or service.

The marketing concept proclaims the customer-oriented philosophy. It pursues profitable sales volume as the ultimate goal of the firm. And not just volume for the sake of volume alone. All marketing mechanisms in a firm should be organizationally coordinated.

Marketing is a synthesis of valuable mechanisms. Marketing Management operationalizes all these mechanisms and creates customer satisfaction & fulfillment of needs.

Course Objectives

The course aims to:

  • orient participants toward strategic marketing process
  • sharpen the strategic management thinking
  • establish strategic mission and intent
  • introduce the External environment analysis
  • exhibit the necessity of the Internal resource analysis
  • explain the importance of Competitors’ analysis
  • introduce Marketing analysis and planning
  • facilitate the creation of Business and corporate level strategies
  • explain the Content and nature of the competitive strategies
  • introduce Strategic evaluation, Corporate governance / responsibility, and business ethics

Course Description

The course will provide participants with a critical understanding of the strategic marketing management process, and the contribution of strategic marketing to that process. It will integrate material from other parts of the course within a strategic management framework.

Learning Outcomes

You will learn:

  • How to explore the Field of Marketing
  • How to identify and understand the Marketing System and the Marketing Environment
  • How to conduct a situation analysis
  • How to carry out Marketing Research
  • How to identify issues related to Markets – People – Money: What is a market?
  • How to explore and understand the industrial market
  • How to proceed with Product Planning and Development
  • How to explore Product Lines Policies and Strategies
  • How to manage Brands, deal with Packaging and other product features
  • How to proceed with pricing and price determination, basic methods of setting price, price policies, and strategies
  • How the Retail Market and Retailing institutions work
  • How to manage Channels of distribution
  • How to proceed with decisions related to Promotions: Nature and importance of promotion, promotional mix, promotional methods
  • How to manage advertising and sales promotion
  • How to Plan and evaluate the marketing effort

Suitable for

  • Students
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Executives of all levels
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