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Sales Force Management

Sales force management
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The selling process can be characterized as of strategic importance. Selling as a system should be adopted by all organizations in response to the customer’s desire for solutions.

The recognition of the adoption of a selling system strategy involves selling a total package of goods & services and the related expertise – a system – to solve a customer’s problem and needs.

Indeed, today, sales management has a broader dimension.
Sales executives are focusing on many activities. Strategic planning and forecasting. Budgeting, territory design, and sales & cost analyses. As well as the more traditional activities. Sales managers must see that all the tasks are integrated & should operate in synchronization.

Sales Management constitutes one of the most important functions of the existing organization.

Course Objectives

The course aims to provide participants with:

  • a critical understanding of the sales management process
  • develop their ability to become experienced sales persons/representatives, sales managers, and sales directors
  • improve their ability to work more efficiently within the market and adopt the appropriate sales decision-making process

Description of the course

The course will focus on techniques related to sales management, and also integrate material from other parts of the entrepreneurial spectrum It will:

  • Introduce sales approaches, techniques and strategies
  • Direct the sales people to manage themselves efficiently and effectively
  • Present efficient and effective sales force schemas will be provided for enhancing the sales productivity of an organization.
  • Depict how sales management as a process is being practiced to attain salesforce goals through the activities of: planning, staffing, training, leading and controlling the sales force
  • Introducing the art of managing the sales force including motivating the sales professionals so that they can perform their jobs efficiently
  • Introduce new sales tools and technology to assist salespersons in achieving their goals

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn the importance of sales management via the indicative project management methodology
  • Teach them how to organize their time
  • Direct sales people on their target goals
  • Teach sales people various sales forecasting methods
  • Orient them how to communicate and negotiate effectively
  • Increase the performance of sales and revenues
  • Increase in overall performance, effectiveness, productivity and accountability
  • Potential loss of ‘oxygen thieves” (salespeople who just were never going to make it)

Indicative content

  • How to identify the field of sales force Management
  • How to proceed with Strategic Sales Force Management
  • How to achieve an effective Sales Force Organization
  • How to select applicants – Hire new sales people
  • How to proceed with a personal selling process
  • How to motivate a sales force
  • How to apply effective leadership and supervision on sales force
  • How to estimate Market Potential and Forecasting Sales
  • How to prepare a sales budgeting
  • How to manage Sales Territories
  • How to proceed with sales volume analysis
  • How to calculate Marketing Costs and Profitability Analysis
  • How to evaluate an individual’s sales performance

Suitable for

  • Students
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Executives of all levels